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Our Services
Energetics consulting
Condition survey (on site inspection of the technical condition and properties of the building), exploring energy losses.
Feasibility studies, return calculations
Presenting the current state, accounting available energy resources, calculating return based on energetics calculations, variation analysis and exploring other social and economic effects of the environmental emission.
Certifying energy performance
Energy performance certifications and energy auditing - Examining the energetic characteristics of the building, testing the efficiency of building services, modernizing the electric devices. If the modernization or the tender requires it, a higher level of energy calculation, an energy performance certificate must be prepared. At our company, there are a number of qualified specialists, who can prepare and are eligible to certify the aforementioned document.
Ariel recording with drone
While surveying buildings we can take photos and video footage for more accurate information.
Examining the legal environment, calculating heat demand, preparing survey drawings, architectural design, building services design, electrical design, acquiring permits.
Financing energy projects
Tender support, recommending preferential loans, alternative forms of financing. Experience in writing energetics-related tenders with appropriate lingo, exact knowledge of the criteria and scoring systems, quick response to tenders, successful application writing, qualified tender professionals.
Energetic modernization, thermal insulation, modernizing building services, solar collectors and solar panels, heat pumps and biomass-based systems.
Mandatory energy expert
We undertake the energy procurement, energy security and energy efficiency related tasks of companies that are obliged to do so according to the LVII Law of 2015 about Energy Efficiency and the 122/2015 (V.26.) Government Decree implementing this law, and support the formation of a company approach related with this topic. Our specialists propose energy efficiency improvements and operational solutions, and monitor the energy savings of realized projects and operational solutions. Complying with the legal requirements, we make monthly and annual reports and support the implementation of energy consumption improving investments.
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